Digitalste.com is a resource-based portfolio set up to combine a professional portfolio for teaching resources. Like traditional ones, this portfolio aims to showcase the best pieces of work and includes a range of resources developed for teaching the subject of computer games design and development.  


Low Poly

"Low poly modelling is something that has become a style of its own over recent years. At first, models had to have lower polygon counts due to the limitations in hardware. However, hardware has now advanced well beyond those years, and video games can utilise a large number of polygons creating amazing graphical content with higher resolution textures and advanced shading such as raytracing. Despite all the advancements in tech, there has been a growing art movement which aims to keep things simple. The "low poly style" which combines low poly game models with the advancements in real-time rending to produce a very creative and fun looking style..."

the_colourful_cosmos__0007_ fade.png



High-quality canvas prints are now available for purchases via Artstation.com who ship worldwide. You can purchase a variety of sizes and canvas types that make excellent gifts for friends and family. By purchasing a print you are also helping to directly support digitalste.com and the content produced as a solo artist. If you have a personalised request please get in touch via info@digitalste.com, always happy to discuss new ideas or work in collaboration with other CG artists.



High-quality character models can be downloaded and used for a variety of purposes both as a teaching and development resource. Characters are usually retopologized and include a range of texture maps such as normal, diffuse and bumps. The character models available are developed for a variety of reasons, for example, the female head bust was developed as part of a study into 3D photorealism.

Texture Collection.png



High-quality material asset pack available via Sketchfab were you can view and download for free. The set was produced using digital image manipulation techniques within Adobe Photoshop.  Take a closer look at some of the materials by clicking the "view more" button below.  

Game Interface Design Theory


Designing your game UI and HUD elements can be challenging, how do you actually create a good interface that helps with gameplay and immersion? Human-Computer Interface/Interaction or HCI could be described as the study of how humans interact with computers and computers interact with us. HCI is still an ever-expanding area with new technologies being developed at a rapidly fast pace that allows humans to interact with computers in increasingly innovative ways, But what has this got to do with games? what can you learn or incorporate into your own game development work?

Featured Blog Posts


The digitalste game's design and development blog contains a wide variety of posts and topics related to games design and development. The blog encompasses the philosophical nature of the website in that it contains information for the purposes of adding knowledge to the information pool regarding specific topic areas that relate to the subjects of video games design and development.  If you want to look at the blog in its entirety then click the read more button, hopefully, you will find something to your liking. 


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