Digitalste.com is a resource-based portfolio which I  set up to combine my professional portfolio and my need for teaching resources.  


This portfolio, like traditional ones aims to showcase the best pieces of work, But also  includes a range of resources developed for teaching. 

Low Poly

"Low poly modelling is something that has become a style of its own over recent years. At first, models had to have lower polygon counts due to the limitations in hardware. However, hardware has now advanced well beyond those years, and video games can utilise a large number of polygons creating amazing graphical content with higher resolution textures and advanced shading such as raytracing. Despite all the advancements in tech, there has been a growing art movement which aims to keep things simple. The "low poly style" which combines low poly game models with the advancements in real-time rending to produce a very creative and fun looking style..."

Texture Collection.png


In addition to 3D Modeling, I am also a keen texture artist and enjoy developing different texture types from images I capture or resources I have acquired. Take a closer look at some of the materials I have created by clicking the "see more" button below. 


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