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Astra Militarum Expanded Roster

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Well, I always wanted to create a Mod, and here it is! Developed for #warhammer40kgladius, developed by SLITHERINE SOFTWARE UK LIMITED #Greatgame.

The Mod expands on the Astra Militarum Expanded Roster Mod currently includes units that represent Conscripts, Veterans and Catachan Jungle Fighters. I tried my best to get in custom models but was unfortunately unsuccessful, only managing to create un-importable .MSH files. hopefully, the dev's will add a custom model feature in future products.

The last update sore a Retweak of units for overall costs and attributes including upkeep in an attempt to bring further balance to the mod and ensure everyone can make the best use of the units. #CatachanJunglefighters were also added to the roster list, I tried my best to bring in a custom model which would better reflect their atheistical appearance and appeal in relation to the tabletop game. However, I was unsuccessful in my attempts to do so. Hopefully, the developer will add a custom mesh importer in the near future!

#CatachanJungleFighters are members of the #AstraMilitarumMilitarum Regimentum that have been recruited from the Death World of #Catachan. They have the well-deserved reputation of being the deadliest practitioners of jungle warfare in the galaxy. Catachan Guard regiments are most commonly light infantry, making the most of their legendary talents as scouts and ambushers. However, their daring and aggression have been employed in other ways, with armoured regiments hailing from Catachan in the past. To reflect the Catachans Jungle warfare ability’s their units have additional attributes such as Infiltrate, Stealth and Shoot sharp and scarper.

#Guardsman #Veterans are the battle-hardened elites of the #AstraMilitarum, the first squad in an assault and the last in a retreat. Their battlefield training has been honed in the fires of war, forging them into warriors who have learnt how to fight and kill with lethal efficiency. They come with additional perks to movement and overall fighting ability to reflect their veteran like status amongst #AstraMilitarum. Guardsman Veterans are slightly more expensive and require additional time to recruit.

Hastily conscripted men, raised from surrounding planets in dire situations. In times of great emergency, the Departmento Munitorum will demand local Governors raise vast quantities of troops for immediate action. Such measures can see entire cities or continents all but emptied and its citizens sent off to fight, Often equipped with nothing more than a #Lasgun and makeshift armour.

#Conscripts are cheap but are much less effective in battle than their comrades; they have significantly less fighting skills and toughness in comparison to their seniors. Conscripts also have movement penalties to reflect therein inexperience in following orders and navigating hostile environments. However Conscripts do come in large numbers, are cheap and can be recruited quickly, reflective of the #warhammer40k lore in that they are drafted up in a desperate hour of need.

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