Updated: Apr 26, 2020

This blog post is a report on playability, which collates research from a variety of sources on the subject. Specifically reporting on the meaning and associated language surrounding the term playability, within video games design and development.


Reflection On Feedback

The feedback received for this work was mixed with plenty of positives and points to improve on. The most significant improvement needed to be was for me to stay within the limitations of the brief. I deviated from the brief slightly and created a report that has elements of reflective practice, for example, I paraphrased a lot of my research sources, to try and show a deeper understanding of them. But the brief actually only required me to report on the exiting information which meant I should have just used quotes. I did find this challenging because I am naturally a reflective thinker and often like to express myself within my work; however, the point was made that paraphrasing other academics can look like you are putting words into there mouths. Another improvement topic that came up was spelling and grammar, although small there were consistent areas throughout the paper which will and did get pulled at this level. Being dyslexic I do find spelling and grammar difficult and will need to work hard to ensure that the use of my words and grammar are up to the standards of this level, I think the biggest issue for me was having the time to proofread the document.

Some of the positives discussed were the fact that I did manage to include a wide range of research which including different views on the topic of playability. There were also other positive aspects with the bulk of the report being praised for flow and structurer. Overall the assignment was challenging but exciting, and I do think the paper teaches on some key topics that relate to playability. I do feel that I have made progress within my own practice by completing this assignment because the research I looked at has helped me understand the aspects of games that relate to playability. On reflection, I do think some of the issues I touched on could branch out to the 4th wall in the respect that playability deals how the player interacts with products and the immersive factors involved with that interaction.

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© 2017, the game names and related marks are trade marks of or related entities. All rights reserved