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The Surface Brushes package will contain 100 brushes and alphas that can be used to create surface detail on your 3D sculpted models. Each brush has been worked on and customised individually to provide you with the best possible setup to create surface detail on your models. The alpha maps have also been individually developed to provide you with variety, volume and seamless detail. You can also use the Alpha maps to add noise or surface bump detail within other 3D modelling or computer game engine programs.

The Maps have been developing using image manipulation techniques in a program called Photoshop, in this program, a black and white image is created from one or more photographic references. The back and white photos are loaded into Zbrush where they are used as a height map to form surface detail. Once the detail has been applied further editing in the form of digital sculpting is done to polish up and add higher resolution details. A render pass is then created for the height and normal maps which is then made seamless using photoshop. Brushes are then created using the different alpha maps.

Originally the pack was only going to contain regulation sizes of up to 4k. However I have decided to make the Alpha maps 8K, the pack will also include 8K normal maps, which should diversify their uses across 3D platforms. The changes to the pack will take additional time but overall I would rather release a product that meets the needs of the community and is of high quality.

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