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3DS MAX Book Generator

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I've recently ventured into tools development, focusing on Max Script and C++ Programming. From this endeavour, I'm excited to introduce the Book Generator tool—a solution designed to simplify book creation within 3ds Max by incorporating randomization.

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Currently, at version 0.4, the Book Generator offers a solid foundation for ongoing development. Its key features include customizable parameters for maximum width, height, and length, allowing users to generate randomized book variations effortlessly. Moreover, the tool enables the creation of multiple books with identical specifications, streamlining the process of building cohesive collections.

you can view how the tools work in the video blow:

Feel free to come up with suggestions and ideas for further developments, I do plan on adding some of the following features:

Group Containers for Books: Implement a feature that allows users to group multiple books together into containers. This would facilitate the organization and manipulation of complex scenes with large numbers of books.

Naming Structures: Introduce customizable naming structures for generated books. This would enable users to define naming conventions based on specific criteria such as size, style, or content, streamlining the organization of their projects.

More Details on Books: Enhance the level of detail for generated books by adding additional features such as customizable covers, spine thickness, page textures, and more.

Distance Controller: Implement a distance controller that allows users to specify the spacing between generated books. This would be particularly useful when creating bookshelves or arranging books in a scene with precision.

You can download the latest version of the Book Generator from the following link:

Download 7Z • 4KB

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