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Enhance Your 3DS Max Workflow With Free Plugins & Scripts

Updated: Apr 30

3ds Max, like many other modelling programs, offers scriptable plugins available from a variety of sources, typically written in MaxScript. In this blog post, we'll share some free scripts and plugins that 3D artists might find useful. It's important to note that the scripts listed here have been developed by companies or independent artists who are not affiliated with Any troubleshooting issues should be directed to the developers.

Arrow Helper


Arrow Helper allows you to create various types of arrows using a spline-based workflow. Once you're satisfied with the result, you can use the extrude modifier to add polygons


Border Fill

Boarder Fill Script

This script allows you to fill a border along a curved or flat edge in a couple of clicks. Works in vertex selection mode, you'll need to select at least two verts for it to work.


CG Merger


CG Merger is a catalogue of 3d objects. This tool allows you to download and import into 3DS Max fully functional. There are free and paid models available within the catalogue that you can opt to use.


References Planes

3DS MAX Reference Planes Script

This image script lets you quickly and efficiently bring in references for 3D modelling in 3DS Max. It gives you control over the canvas size and other image settings, allowing you to bring in multiple images at once.


Fracture Voronoi

3DS MAX Fracture Voronoi

Fracture Voronoi breaks up a chosen scene object into smaller sections, you can combine this with physical simulation to create some great effect.


Hex Grid

3DS MAX Hex Grid script

Hex Grid creates hexanol shapes that are arranged into a grid, you can combine it with different gradient effects to create different fall-off results within 3DS Max.



3DS MAX Multi Slice Script

Lets you quickly add multiple slice modifiers to a model whilst controlling the cut orientations. You can then collapse the stack and edit the cuts section individually.


Pipe Dream

3DS MAX Pipe Dream Script

Pipe Dream generates pipes based on a few different types of parameters. It's very fast and generates the pipes as editable splines with a lathe modifier applied to them so further edits can be done.


Rock Generator

3DS MAX Rock Generator Script

Rock Generator allows you to create rocks quickly and efficiently. The script enables you to generate low-poly meshes that are ideal for baking and texturing.


RStones Rock Generator

Another rock generator tool, this one enables you to create large-scale scene rocks with various effects. The script also allows you to bake down details into maps with specified width and height.


Simple Maps

3DS MAX Simple Textures Script

Simple maps allow you to bake textures onto a planar surface very quickly. They can be used to generate map details needed for use in computer game engines or for PBR materials inside of 3DS MAX.


Quad Primitives

3DS Max Quad Primitive Script

Lets you create differnt Quad primitives which you'd otherwise have to do manually or within the edit poly modifier stack


Quixel Magascan for Max

Quixel Magascan To 3DS MAX
"The Megascans Plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max allows you to connect Quixel Bridge and 3ds Max, giving you a one-click solution for importing your Megascans, Mixer and custom assets straight into 3ds Max within seconds"


We hope you found something useful in the list. Please don't forget to subscribe, like, and share! 🌟👍📲

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