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How to paint a cracked floor tile using Photoshop

This blog post shows and describes the step by step process you can use to paint a cracked floor tile using Photoshop. The tutorial assumes you are knowledgeable about Photoshop and are familiar with its tools.

1: In the first step, use a hard brush with the brush pressure, and size sensitivity turned on to create an outline of a cracked tile.

2: Choose a colour to use as your colour base and colour in the surface area, do not apply any shading at this stage. Its recommended that you work from dark to light.

3: Pick out a verity of different colours that you can use to build up detail, also make sure the opacity sensitivity is turned on to created different colour tones and hues.

4: Using a hard brush and the colour sample tool blend in the different colours to create a stone surface area, this helps to create surface detail.

5: Now use a soft brush to create a smoother transition between the colours, make sure you use the colour sample tool and turn on the brush pressure settings.

6: Now using a hard brush with the size sensitivity and pen pressure tools turned on, reworked the lines. Make the brush larger than the original linework to help create depth.

7: Finally add some highlights and retouch the linework if needed, use a hard brush for this with the size sensitivity turned on.

Optional 1: You can add extra surface detail at this stage. However, this step is not needed if you are happy with the design.

Optional 2: You could also add in extra filters to created added detail; in this image, the grain filters have helped add additional surface detail. But again this is optional.

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