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Create a seamless brick texture in photoshop

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

So what is a seamless texture and how important is to have the skills to create them? A seamless texture is an image that can be place next to one another creating the effect of a continues pattern. The skill of creating these images is a handy tool to have in your bag of tricks, ether for a developer who needs to add some jazz to there prototype or a game artist building complex environments.

Example image

In the example image you can see a seamless texture with the size 2048 x 2048 pixels. At the top of this image is an example of the image unconnected to one another.

When placed next to each other you can see that the pattern or image continues with no break along the aliened edge.

In video games this helps create detailed environments that compresses aspects of the game down into more manageable file sizes.

Over the years the way we can create textures has adapted and become more main stream with programs like zbrush and substance painter/designer offering real-time environments in which these images can be created. However there are a verity of ways to create these textures so if you do not have access to zbrush or substance painter the methods and techniques shown in this video can be applied to a number of different software packages.

The video concentrates on creating a seamless brick texture which can be challenging for beginners.

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